what else do you like to do?
April 23, 2012
Any gardeners out there?
April 24, 2012
what else do you like to do?
April 23, 2012
Any gardeners out there?
April 24, 2012
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Setting up the quilt show

Hi everyone,

I am catching a few minutes this morning, before heading to the Museum again to finish setting up the Quilt Show – just to show you some great photo-updates on how is everything going. Even though everyone knows it is a lot of work we really do have fun too! And despite the fact that I have been involved in show set-up for years now, it never ceases to amaze me how it all happens…

It starts of course from great work of our Registration committee, working so well to accept all your entries in such an organized manner and immediately sort quilts by sizes or categories – making our job at set up so much easier – THANK YOU LADIES!!

Then on Sunday – here is what we start from:


Big, main room of the museum – looking kinda empty, scaffolding ready… Piles of bed-size quilts you see on the floor (on the old bed sheets of course!) are the result of already lot of work of several volunteers, sorting them by size (so that they can fit on the 220″ long ceiling poles) and colors (so that they look good together).



Smaller quilts and wall hangings sorted on the tables – lots of beautiful colors, patterns and textures! It is work, but trust me – it IS so much fun being able to “play” with all these quilts up close and personal!




Now is the time to “clip” all the quilts! No, don’t worry, that doesn’t have anything to do with scissors or such – just putting on the bull-clips (lined with acid-free paper!) on to the top edge of quilts, so that they can be hung.









And then the heroes of the day come in – meet Lee and Tim, museum employees who help us do the hard part – hand all these beautiful (but large!) quilts. Mary and Colleen are the essential part of the team – handing them quilts, “driving” the scaffolding and  keeping them smile! 🙂


In the meantime, rest of us start working on the walls, hanging the wall quilts – look, Christmas corned is almost done and looking beautiful!!




Even while taking a rest, something is being done! Lori and Sue are stitching on the binding on the Raffle quilt!


And YES – that is that same room from the first picture with almost all of the quilts hung – can you believe it!!



Oh, look – the other side is done too! I am telling you – these ladies and two great, hard working guys are unbelievable!!

So today – just hanging the hand quilted quilts, Alice’s exhibit and some touch-ups, last minute changes to make it looking even better (if that is possible? 🙂   ) and adding enhancements…it will be fantastic!


Oh yes – the busy hands (Lori and Sue) also finished that binding and Raffle quilt is hanging and looking spectacular!! Have to say it again – well done ladies of AMQG!! 🙂




I am off to finish Quilt Show set up and will be back with some more pictures – but for all of you wonderful blog readers, you know: NOTHING is as good as seeing all these beautiful works of art in person, so COME ON OVER TO THE QUILT SHOW!! All the info you need is here!

Stay tuned and have a great day,










  1. Janis says:

    wow, Marija, what a great display!

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