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April 12, 2012
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April 14, 2012
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the simple life

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Going to try to have a simple day today. Going to grocery store to find something non-processed for dinner. I’m thinking homemade pasta fagiola. One of my college roommates, 100% Italian, had a mom who thought I should be able to make a few “from scratch” Italian specialties. There was no sauce in a jar to be found in her house. She always served pasta fagiola when I visited since I loved it, and it was the first recipe she taught me. Definitely is a humble folksy dish. I have modified it a bit-added a second type of bean, and a second tomato product, but she would recognize it-I haven’t gone Food Network on it at all. (Let me know if you’d like the recipe; there’s another feature of this blog I could try!) It’s even better the second day, which is a good thing since there is no way to make a small batch.

Then I’m heading to the sewing room. Have a quilt top done which I could layer and start to quilt, but I think I’ll first make a project with a batik strip collection I have and some plush fleece on the back. If my vision is as good in reality as I imagine it, I’ll share it. It’s a very simple concept that I’m hoping will be luxurious feeling. Then I have to make a pair of slippers for a gift. I’m hoping I’ll have enough of the plush fleece left from project 1 to use as slipper lining. Don’t you think that might feel great for someone whose feet are always cold?

Should also get out into the garden. I haven’t done much yet because up here on the escarpment in Snyder, the beds are slow to dry out. I think it’s probably safe to walk in them now without compacting the soil too much. The dandelions, such survivors they are, are close to blooming and I want to get them out before they spray their seeds. Has anyone else noticed that with this peculiar spring it seems that everything is pollinating at once? That’s just dandy for those of us with allergies, but I shouldn’t complain since I am thoroughly enjoyed the bouquets of spring bloomers I’ve picked lately.

While I’m in the sewing room I’m going to listen to a podcast featuring an interview with Anita Grossman Solomon, who will be one of our national teachers at seminar this fall. I have spoken with her on the phone and she is so very nice. There are some lovely photos of her work at the site I linked to above. You can listen to the podcast from your computer or go to iTunes to download it free for your mp3. It’s explained at the link. We’ll talk more about this after I listen. Why don’t you listen to it too, and then we can share some thoughts. Be sure to notice the photo of the Arrowhead block quilt that one of her students made. Maybe you’d like to take that class at seminar.

TTFN. (ta ta for now, in case you’ve been puzzled)

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