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April 6, 2012
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April 13, 2012
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all buttoned up and buttoned down

Hi, ME again,

Still on a bit of a button kick. I wonder how we get those expressions into our language. If you are a reader of ours from the previous blog, you know I am a lover of words and language. Thinking on other expressions and definitions of button that we have in our vernacular. I’m certain that buttons will come around again.

I’ve decided that if I want to buy any button boxes at this season’s yard sales, I ought to make a dent in the ones I have. Been looking on my favorite craft sites and at Pinterest (have you joined or visited there yet?) for button crafts and have found a few that will make a significant dent without being too tacky. I was inspired by Paula’s comment about covering a picture frame with buttons. I need a graduation gift before long and I think a picture frame might be a way to go, particularly since I have some buttons left from dresses and jackets I made for the graduate when she was tiny (before she decided that her clothes needed to have labels and look like what the other girls were wearing). Thank goodness she has come to her senses and now wants things, both to wear and to have around her, that are NOT like everyone else has. This one appreciates handmade.

Reporting on some blog progress. Notice we now have a “category” widget in our sidebar. As we accumulate more posts, it will help you track back to ones that you’d like to revisit. More categories will be added, as will a group of tags. Here’s my understanding of the difference between categories and tags. A category is a broad group of things. WordPress likens a category to a recipe title. Tags are smaller topics or words mentioned in a post, like the ingredients or processes in the recipe. So for example a category could be something like “machine quilting” and tags that would relate to that might be thread, needles, free motion, marking, walking foot, etc. So far  we’ve just got the categories going; tags will be coming along soon. Of course that means that Marija and I will have to remember to categorize and tag our posts to help you readers find things later on.

Another new feature this blog has which is an improvement over our old one is the spam protection features it gives us. Most are behind the scenes and neither you as readers, nor we as authors have to be concerned with them. But one that affects us both is the moderation of comments. Every comment that is made to one of our posts will be checked by one of us. That is why your comments don’t appear immediately after you publish them. We have chosen a moderate position on this. The first time you comment, it is held until one of us reads it and approves your comment. WE have the option to delete single comments, or to ban certain commenters (God forbid that we ever need to do that!) After you go onto our “approved” list, any comments you make in the future will automatically be approved, not held back. Since WordPress blogs are much more “out there” than our old doteasy one was, Marija and I decided to up our spam protection a bit. Hopefully, since we had only lovely comments on the old blog, spammers or snarky comments will not become a problem. If that develops we can kick it up a notch on our end.

Found this collection of lovely photos at a blog I often visit. The sand art is so nice, the ocean views lovely. I wonder though how the artist feels when the tide washes away the designs. Many could be tone on tone quilts, or quilting designs. I found something peaceful about them, imagining the sound of the waves and the shore birds. Hope you enjoy them too.  TTFN.

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